The Premier in Persian Translation and Interpretation in Manhattan

Farsi Translation and Interpretation

Fravahr Translation is the premier (Persian) Farsi interpreter and translator of documents and web pages in Manhattan. Our team of US educated native speakers specializes in a broad spectrum of subjects. We are expert in simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation. Our interpretation fully capture meaning, tonality and intent. Our translations from Persian to English are sensitive to cultural nuances, context and idiom. With over 25 years of experience in translation we have produced books, articles, and document translations to individuals and professionals all over the world.

Member of the American Translators Association (ATA)

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    Court & legal

    We can accommodate your
    legal interpretation or
    translation needs as
    expeditiously as you want.

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    We have extensive experience
    translating books, documents
    and web pages to and
    from Farsi.

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    News & media

    If you need fast and accurate
    translation and interpretation
    for your breaking news, we are
    always here.

We provide interpretation services in Manhattan; Brooklyn; Queens; Staten Island; the Bronx; Long Island and New Jersey.


When I have a Farsi case I always call you because I know I can count on you and I don’t have to ask all these questions.

Migalia Ramirez, New York State Brooklyn Supreme Court

Sepideh has undertaken projects for us in Farsi-English interpretation in various settings: legal and community assignments, in addition to major broadcast interpretation, much to the satisfaction of our clients. At all times, we have found her to be responsive, dependable and reliable. I recommend Sepideh’s interpretation skills without hesitation.

Shelby Greenwood, Vendor Manager at Morningside Translations

I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Maureen Hartman, Albany Supreme Court