In Translation, Words Matter. Intent Matters Even More.

Welcome! خوش آمدید

(Khosh- aamadid)

When the American Translators Association (ATA) needed a translator to aid in the creation of their Persian (Farsi) examination to certify translators, they came to Fravahr Translation. As the premier Persian (Farsi) interpreter and translator of documents and webpages in New York City, Fravahr Translation’s team of US educated native speakers provide translation services from Persian (Farsi) to English and English to Persian (Farsi).

Persian (Farsi) Translation and Interpretation

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  • Legal contract translation
  • Court interpretation
  • Depositions
  • Transcripts
  • Birth certificates
  • Diplomas
  • And more!
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  • Website translation
  • Marketing Materials
  • Ancient text translation
  • Book manuscripts
  • Columbia University’s
    Center for Iranian Studies
  • And more!
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  • Diplomatic interpretation

At Fravahr Translation, we understand that cultural nuances, contexts, and local idioms are just as important as translating the words. Our translations and interpretations fully capture your meaning, tonality, and intent ensuring your message is heard and understood from.

Our team has translated messages from the simplest phrases to complex technical information, from court testimony to contracts, from books to marketing materials, from ancient texts to websites and more for individuals and businesses all over the world.

Our dedicated and passionate linguist team ensures the highest-quality Persian (Farsi) translations and interpretations whether dealing with confidential legal information or translating Iranian talks on live TV.

Based in New York City, Fravahr Translation provides trusted translations at competitive rates.

We provide interpretation services in Manhattan; Brooklyn; Queens; Staten Island; the Bronx; Long Island and New Jersey.

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